Data Plans Monthly(NGN) Voice Lines + Hosted IP-PBX Data Capacity(GB) Web Hosting/ Storage Capacity(GB) Bussiness Software Licenses
SWIFT Business 9,010 1-1 30 512MB
SWIFT Business Plus 13,160 1-1 48 1
SWIFT Premium 15,870 1-2 65 5
SWIFT Elite 23,040 1-3 100 10
SWIFT Elite Plus 31,490 1-4 150 25
SWIFT SMARTBusiness SILVER 19,350 1-1 75 1 1
SWIFT SMARTBusiness SILVER PLUS 25,080 1-2 115 5 2
SWIFT SMARTBusiness GOLD 29,990 1-4 145 10 4
SWIFT SMARTBusiness GOLD PLUS 36,860 1-4 185 20 6
SWIFT SMARTBusiness PLATINUM ** 57,850 5 300 10 6
SWIFT SMARTBusiness PLATINUM PLUS ** 62,960 10 350 25 10
Business Software Modules: Inventory Management, E-Commerce, Accounting, Sales Management, Retail Management and Support Services, ** HR Management, Supply Chain & Procurement
SWIFT SMARTBusiness SILVER This is a one stop business solution with internet + business software for home and office use - ideal for ONE user.
SWIFT SMARTBusiness SILVER PLUS This is a one stop business solution with internet + business software for home and office use - ideal for TWO users.
SWIFT SMARTBusiness GOLD This is a one stop business solution with internet + business software for home and office use - ideal for FOUR users.
SWIFT SMARTBusiness GOLD PLUS This is a one stop business solution with internet + business software for home and office use - ideal for SIX users.
SWIFT SMARTBusiness PLATINUM This is a one stop business solution with internet + additional business softwares for home and office use - ideal for SIX users.
SWIFT SMARTBusiness PLATINUM PLUS This is a one stop business solution with internet + additonal business softwares for home and office use - ideal for TEN users.
1. One Dual band modem + Battery + MI-FI NGN 55,000 (Fifty-Five thousand naira only)
2. Two Dual band modems + Battery NGN 70,000 (Seventy thousand naira only)
3. Outdoor Modem NGN 70,000 (Seventy thousand naira only)
SALES MANAGEMENT Create Professional Quotations
Create quotations in a matter of seconds. Send quotes by email or get a professional PDF. Track quotations, and convert them to sales order in one click. Spend the extra time focusing on selling and not recording data.

Fully Integrated
The information you need, where you need it. Don't lose time looking for customers, products or contracts related information; they are all conveniently accessible when creating quotations.

Your Address Book
So many features, so easy to use. Load customer data from LinkedIn, assign tags to your prospects, manage relationships between contacts and store all customer's preferences including pricing, billing conditions, addresses, payment terms, etc. Navigate through all the documents related to a customer with the powerful breadcrumb: quotations, invoices, emails and meetings.

Fully Integrated Invoicing
Whether you invoice based on time and materials, on delivery orders or fixed price; SWIFT SMARTBusiness supports all possible methods. Get recurring invoices produced automatically; create advances in just a few clicks, Re-invoice expenses easily, etc.

Keep track of your contracts
Get rid of wasted paper and record all your contracts in the application. Invoices are generated automatically based on your contract conditions. Your account managers get alerts before contracts have to be renewed. Have clear pricing strategies Use pricelists to record special conditions for a specific customer or to define prices for a segment of customers. Define promotions and have them applied automatically for all your sales teams
PURCHASE MANAGEMENT Automatic requisition-to-pay, control invoicing with SWIFT SMARTBusiness Supply Chain, Automate procurement propositions, launch request for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers' information, control products reception and check suppliers' invoices. Reduce inventory level with procurement rules. Get the right purchase proposition at the right time to reduce your inventory level. Improve your purchase and inventory performance with procurement rules depending on stock levels, logistic rules, sales orders, forecasted manufacturing orders, etc. Send requests for quotations or purchase orders to your supplier in one click. Get access to product receptions and invoices from your purchase order.

Purchase Tenders
Get the best price by negotiating with several suppliers launch purchase tenders, integrate supplier's answers in the process and compare propositions. Choose the best offer and send purchase orders easily. Use reporting to analyze the quality of your suppliers afterwards.

Standard Price, Average Price, FIFO
Use the costing method that reflects your business: standard price, average price, fifo or lifo. Get your accounting entries and the right inventory valuation in real-time; SWIFT SMARTBusiness manages everything for you, transparently.
POINT-OF-SALE A Friendly Point of Sale - Set up in a minute, sell in seconds
SWIFT SMARTBusiness Point of Sale introduces a super clean interface with no installation required that runs online and offline on modern hard wares. Its full integration with the company inventory and accounting, gives you real time statistics and consolidation amongst all shops without the hassle of integrating several applications.

Online & Offline
Deploy new stores with just an internet connection:
  • No installation, no specific hardware required
  • It works with any (iPad, Tablet PC, laptop or industrial POS machine)
While an internet connection is required to start the Point of Sale, it will stay operational even after a complete disconnection.

Integrated Inventory Management
Consolidate all your sales channels in real time: stores, ecommerce and sales teams. Get real time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurements. A full warehouse management system at your fingertips: get information about products availabilities, trigger procurement requests, etc.

Invoicing & Accounting Integration
Produce customer invoices in just a few clicks. Control sales and cash in real time and use SWIFT SMARTBusiness powerful reporting to make smarter decisions to improve your store's efficiency. No more hassle of having to integrate softwares: get all your sales and inventory operations automatically posted in your G/L.
  • Allows anybody with no technical skills to easily open an online store
  • Management of the content is very easy for the enterprise
  • Enables SME business to showcase their products to a wider audience through an online presence
  • SMEs can use the online solution to expand their business both locally and internationally
  • Offered as subscription based service with flexible payment plan for SME’s
  • Tailored solution for the different businesses - both services and products